Matchett and the Other Guy Podcast

Life is too rushed, too complex, and always way too stressful.

We all know this.

And sometimes we need to pause things... just for a while.

Sit... Breathe... Relax...

Three simple remedies to help ease your hectic day. And so we cordially invite you to take a much needed short break: a restorative pause in which to pull up a chair, to sit back and join Steve Matchett and Kevin Fielden pondering the world from the porch of Steve’s home on the banks of Lake Wylie, in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The entire premise for this pleasurable distraction is intentionally unassuming: Two friends chatting about nothing in particular (most definitely not about religion or politics) for half-an-hour, maybe forty minutes. That’s it. That’s the whole thing. One take. No quirky, overly produced editing. No unnecessary music playing in the background - nothing beyond the natural ambience of nature itself.

In essence, then, gentle listener, this little get-together is simply you, Matchett and the other guy unwinding by the lake – friends enjoying one another’s company. The restorative pause.

Sit... Breathe... Relax...


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